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Plaid, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Give Me All of the Desserts with Tootie Pie Co. and The Cake Plate

Why is it that desserts always sound that much better in the Fall? Maybe it is because of all of the rich and decadent foods that are served around the holiday seasons. Or the warmth of a fire crackling next to you while diving into a good book with, of course, a slice of warm apple pie right next to you! With the holidays quickly approaching, why not give Tootie Pie Co. and The Cake Plate a try at your next gathering?

Both of these companies have some history prior to merging together into now an incredible bakery in Dripping Springs, the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

The Cake Plate

The Cake Plate started as a small wedding cake shop in September 1996, originally named Countryside Baking Co. They quickly gained a reputation for high-end wedding and specialty cakes, creating spectacular cakes for brides and grooms, governors, former first ladies, sports figures and local celebrities, while also growing a client list that included many of the area’s best restaurants. In 2019, The Cake Plate merged with another great Texas bakery, Tootie Pie Co., and together built a brand new bakery in Dripping Springs, where they continue to handcraft delicious cakes, cookies, scones, brownies, muffins and more.

The original bakery was built in the country east of Austin. Countryside Baking Company was the name that Brian's sister thought fit well. When they were building their new bakery in Austin, they had a friend who was working on a new logo for their brand. She happened to throw out an idea for what became their new name: The Cake Plate. They loved the name and transitioned along with their move to Austin.

Tootie Pie

Ruby Lorraine Feagan, better known as Tootie, began baking and selling pies in her home in the early 1980s. Over the years she perfected her recipes, and became famous for selling hundreds of her six-pound Huge Apple Pies at her little shop in Medina, Texas. She later entered and won baking contests all over the Texas Hill Country, ultimately taking top spots at the national level. In 2005, she moved her shop to Boerne, Texas, where the company continued to bake up sweet treats for customers across the country. After merging with The Cake Plate in 2019 and building their new bakery in Dripping Springs, they now offer their handcrafted pies in many of Texas’ best restaurants, and ship directly to all 50 states.

Tootie Pie gets its name from the one and only Tootie Feagan. Tootie founded the company in 1985, when she started baking pies for friends and family, at her home in Medina, Texas.

Recipe inspirations to use with these delicious baked goods!

Any of their fruit pies can be scooped like a cobbler instead of being cut into a slice. Heat and add ice cream!

Original apple pie filling or apple crumble pie filling can be added to bread crumbs, sautéed onion, garlic, and herbs to be used as a stuffing for your Thanksgiving turkey.

Custard pies are always a great addition to milk shakes or smoothies.

Recipes with their Cakes:

With their cakes, chop either the Heavenly chocolate cake or Red velvet cake into cubes, add a custard mixture of eggs and heavy cream and bake as a bread pudding.

Recipes with Fruit Butters:

Mix apple butter, teriyaki sauce, garlic, mirin, salt and pepper together. Marinade and baste pork ribs on the grill for a great asian style rib.

Apple butters and pumpkin butter are great as an ice cream topping.

Make sure to order Tootie Pie Company and The Cake Plate on for your next holiday gathering or whenever you are craving a delicious sweet treat!

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