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Veteran-Owned Barbecue Sauce Company on a Mission to Bring Americans Healthier Foods!

"I tell people all the time — if I can put my life on the line, I'm gonna come back and make something that's going to keep my fellow Americans healthy" - Gerald Young

Here in the south, we have a very strong appreciation for good barbecue sauce! Something about that tangy sauce, that can either offer some heat to a dish or a sweet addition to your favorite meats, just really elevates your food to the next level.

In today’s world, people are becoming much more health conscious of the products they are eating and using. We are all looking for cleaner labels where we can understand what we are reading before consuming food, using something to clean the kitchen counters, or washing our hair with.

One company that is right in line with “better-for-you” products is Young G’s. Gerald Young, Young G's founder, was bravely serving his country overseas and missed many of the comforts of home. When Gerald's tour was up, and as a homecoming gift, his father Ronald shared his secret barbecue sauce recipe. That is what started Young G's!

This brand offers two types of barbecue sauces and a salad dressing. Just recently, I used the original Young G’s sauce on some chicken and it was absolutely delicious! The texture of the sauce is a bit more like a dressing, but still has that tangy flavor I described above. You can find gluten-free, low sodium, no high fructose corn syrup, and healthy tamarind in these products.

Congress came out with a report linked with the military and their health. This report just reiterates Gerald’s quote about “keeping his fellow Americans healthy.” After much hard work, Gerald, with Young G’s, has put his three sauces up on This not only is another wonderful place for Young G’s to sell their sauces, it is also a great opportunity to get these sauces in the hands of our brave military and their families.

We found it so important to share about Gerald’s sauces, because he is a Veteran who bravely served our country! He understands how important it is to eat healthy and wants to do the same for others.

With the support of many organizations, including the Veteran's Administration, professional colleagues, SBA, and Iowa Economic Development Authority, Young G's is making moves not only within America, but on a global level!

Make sure to check out Young G's on today!

"Stay focus and achieve the mission!" - Gerald Young

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