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Brands of the Week: American Tuna

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Good Food Made in America!

Back to School... More than a Tuna Sandwich

Our Brands of the Week we are going to feature this week will be our fun Back to School foods for our military parents to bring some variety and elation to their families and students: All of the brands we will be highlighting this week are all sold on and each day, we will feature a different brand so you can learn about an opportunity to try something new you may not know is already available on

Sunday, August 8, 2021 we are featuring American Tuna. Who doesn’t love a good tuna sandwich packed in their lunch for the first day of school? We are proud to be offering American Tuna to our military communities, as they are one of our first brand partners we launched on in 2020. I personally love their slogan and hashtag:#morethanatunsandwich.

American tuna is an all pole and line caught wild tuna brand that is 100% caught in USA waters by USA fishermen and women. American Tuna is founded by American Fishing Families. The only tuna you will find in American Tuna Products, harvested one by one, one fish, one pole, one fisherman at a time. They source only the most premium pole and line tuna in the American Pacific Northwest and all of their products are hand processed in Oregon and Washington States; custom coded and labeled for maximum transparency and safety. With their patriotic Red White and Blue stars and stripes logo, it does not get anymore American than American Tuna. Thank you American Tuna for helping us feed Our US Military Better Food and Food MADE IN AMERICA!

There are 14 different SKU’s available on And this week all of their amazing flavors are on sale at 15% off regular price on

Please let us know what your favorite flavor of American Tuna is and please share some of your exciting meals made with American Tuna!

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