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Featured Brand of the Week: Grandma Emily

Healthy Eating Featured Brand of the Week

With the holidays quickly approaching, we find ourselves surrounded by delicious dinners and desserts! Sometimes we need some balance in our lives, and what better than to try Grandma Emily's? Whether you are in the mood for cereal, granola mixes, or snack bars, Grandma Emily has it all!

Get to know Grandma Emily

Grandma Emily is named after the Founder’s cherished grandmother. She always believed in feeding her family healthy, whole foods that she grew in her garden. She made her own recipes and her own rules.

Grandma Emily helped inspire her granddaughter to share her concern for eating well. She too made her own Granola with the help of Grandma Emily’s original recipes and there began Grandma Emily Granola.

Fast forward to present day and Grandma Emily now manufactures Natural and Organic food products. They roast and treat their own nuts and manufacture small batch organic and non-organic granola cereals, bars, and produce a variety of snack mixes. Grandma Emily supplies the food service industry and the retail sector.

Grandma Emily Products

When you shop on, you will find granola cereals, granola bars, and snack mixes! These ultimately make up the landscape of Grandma Emily's products, always keeping in mind their healthier approach to creating recipes.

Grandma Emily strives to keep up to date on the most current healthy trends to offer their customers the best options. They use premium ingredients in all of their products and they are always proud of the quality they produce and the service they offer.

Recipe Inspiration

With Grandma Emily, you can be creative in making healthy recipes with their products. For example, use Grandma Emily's granola to make some delicious cookies! Or sprinkle some granola on top of your next waffle or yogurt for an added layer of crunch and yumminess!

Make sure to check out Grandma Emily on the Exchange now and get started on making your own unique recipe with their products!

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