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Tailgating, Football, and All Things Fall: Fat Boy and Hickman’s Barbecue

Oh Fall! The smell of warm apple pie in the oven, crisp leaves that crunch with every step, cooler weather, and football games! Next time you are looking for some good quality rubs, seasonings, and Bloody Mary Mix, Fat Boy and Hickman’s Barbecue is the way to go!

How did this amazing company get started? Well their story is a little different…

The business started in 2002, but it was purchased in 2013. Originally, they had the Kansas City Line when they purchased the company, but then they expanded the product line considerably by adding a southern line and a southwest line. Fat Boy is a natural product. Even their sauces have no high fructose corn syrup. The Hickman’s line was actually started as a “starter pack” for someone who was learning to use a smoker. And for the Bloody Mary mix, well that originated from a recipe that Erin’s husband had created and used as a bartender!

How did Fat Boy and Hickman’s pick their name?

Fat Boy was actually named as it was upon purchase of the business, but Hickman’s was named after the 2,000 person town, Hickman, NE, that the business is located in.

Uncle Walt’s Bloody Mary Mix is named after their friend and broker, Walt. He had the chance to represent another Bloody Mary Mix, that actually has ⅓ of the market, early on and turned it down. Fat Boy and Hickman’s only thought it was a fitting to give Walt a chance to redeem himself.

Any Other Information?

For every order of Denny’s Bacon Salt, 0.25 cents goes to the Semper Fi Fund. Erin’s father, Denny, was a marine and this is a way that they can honor him for all of his service and the sacrifices he made for our country.

For any recipe inspiration, videos, additional blog posts, or more information about these products, make sure to check out . Did you know that you can even use these products on tuna for a delicious and light Avocado Tuna Salad for lunch?

Make sure to check them out on when you are on the lookout for some good seasonings, rubs, and Bloody Mary mixes to spice up your next tailgate or to add more flavor to your next meal!

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