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The Foodie's Blog featuring Brands of the Week

Back to school season is always an exciting time in our home as the last days of summer break are filled with one more swim, one more cookout, one last family gathering before that first school bell rings, a kickoff to the new school year.

In Texas, our summers appear shorter than most, as most school districts begin the new year in August. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, our school year never began until after Labor Day, so we always knew we had one last 3 day weekend before the start of our new grade. Beginning the new school year in August is a transition for me, even as I embark on my 12th year here in Texas. 100+ degree weather is so unusual to be going to class... still in t-shirts, shorts and sandals, and it's even stranger to think sweaters, boots and winter wear does not come out of the closet until after November!

What better way to start the school year than to introduce our new blog feature on We are very excited to share our new beginning with all of our readers and followers in our military and supplier communities and start generating some discussions and interesting content that is relevant to each of you. We are inviting guest bloggers each week to highlight the challenges, joys, journeys and innovation we all share in our continuous mission to Bring Our Military better food!

Along with our weekly blog we are going to highlight our brands of the week as they call out seasonal relevance, recipe ideas or just interesting ways to make your food journey a bit more delicious and nutritious, all food you can purchase online on Please follow our live and updated content on our instagram, facebook, pinterest, Tik Tok and YouTube pages as we begin new ways to bring you more foodie ideas!

We also welcome any of our followers to participate in our content, please email us with any questions or contributions to, we would love to hear from you and share what our viewers think and what they taste or what they would like us to bring to your communities and households on

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