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Featured Brand of the Week: Cutting Edge Foods Real Snacks Beef Sticks


Having quality snacks for school is so important! They help nourish our bodies to keep working hard throughout the day. These beef sticks make the perfect snack for both kids' lunches and adults' drinks if you want to spice up your Bloody Mary!

Cutting Edge Foods was founded two decades ago, in the suburbs of Chicago, by a family to provide retailers with wholesome, Kosher beef. Over the years, they've grown into the meat snacks business, too!

The goal of Cutting Edge Foods is to actually change the way that the meat and meat snack sections look and operate. Health had often been a secondary priority, and transparency was further down on the list. Their products bring both of those to the forefront, ensuring that with every bite you know what you’re getting, and you feel good getting it! They are taking part in a shift towards products that are both clean and delicious! Cutting Edge Foods wants you to know you are important to them.

Cutting Edge Foods is a work in progress: They're bringing their mission to your shelves, their protein products to new customers, and continuing to serve premium markets. And, of course, they are letting the products speak for themselves!

You can find these amazing Real Snack Beef Sticks products on our website, in these four flavors: Jalapeño Cranberry, Garlic Herb, Original, and Hot and Spicy.

Some delicious recipe ideas include:

  1. Placing one of the beef sticks in an ice cold Bloody Mary drink.

  2. Sautéing the beef sticks into some eggs to liven up your breakfast.

  3. Crumbling sticks on top of a salad for some extra flavor and zest.

These Cutting Edge Foods Real Snacks Beef Sticks are a convenient grab-and-go snack for your child’s lunchbox too! Make sure to give these a try next time you are shopping on the Exchange!

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