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Brand of the Week: LEBBY SNACKS


Back to School... LEBBY SNACKS! Kid Tested....Parent Approved!

Our Brand of the Week is Lebby Snacks!

Lebby snacks can be found on in 4 awesome flavors and 2 different sizes! There is a share bag 3.5oz or a single serve bag in 1.5oz in these amazing irresistible flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, sesame honey or variety pack!

Not only do Lebby Snacks taste great,but they are also good for you! These Non-GMO, Gluten Free Snacks are packed with protein! These are legumes so they are not processed in a nut facility for any of you parents that are worried about your children being exposed to nut allergens.

WHAT IS A CHICKPEA? The chickpea is a legume. Maybe you’ve also heard them called garbanzo beans? The seeds (that’s the part we snack on) are high in protein and fiber, making them one of the healthiest snacks in the world. We love Lebby and has been voted a "The New Avenues" staff favorite!

Please share with us your favorite flavors!

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