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Army Boots

Lisa Grams

Owner / CEO

History Presents New Avenues

Had the Americans not ever entered the Korean War, I essentially would not be writing this blog today. My Korean born mother always shared with me how much respect my grandparents and her family have had for the United States Military. Afterall, South Koreans  would not have the freedom they do today without the courage and bravery of the Miguk Saram (American Soldier) 


This is my chance to give back through a “New Avenue” of providing distribution for nourishing, innovative, gourmet and meaningful food. The honor as a first generation Korean American born in the United States twenty + years after the Korean war ended, is an opportunity of duty, a possibility to support the efforts of the men and women who give their lives to sacrifice for the freedom I have today. The inspiration of The New Avenues is driven from the heroic efforts that rescued my mother’s family as they were escaping from PyongYang, to the southernmost point of South Korea in 1950,  known as the city of “Pusan” today.  


My purpose driven mission focuses on nourishment, lifestyle and health for our servicemen and women through better eating opportunities that can provide sustenance, help strengthen and maintain optimal health while they are in any stage of their life. The motivation of “Bringing our Military Better Food” is so other future generations, like my mother’s past, will benefit from the continued strength our Infantry can obtain, in any effort of war or training. 

My Passion has Always been Food

My mother, a nutritionist, taught me early in life that every food we eat serves a purpose. Eat with purpose. Food should not only taste good, it should have function. Vitamin C for a stronger immune system, Calcium for bone strength


When my brother told me he was stationed overseas and found 3 year-old expired marshmallows in his local commissary, I could not understand why better available food was not more of a priority for the very men and women who give us everything. We should be feeding them like “Kings”


It is time to bring a NEW AVENUE of distribution for our Military to get functional, nourishing and tasteful food at a value. With the advent of the internet and e-commerce for every branch of the Military to shop on, for our honored Veterans and even our DOD contractors, we have a New Avenue of bringing them food. 


The New Avenues is about bringing exceptional eating opportunities from foods procured with the highest quality ingredients, tremendous functionality and superlative taste. Every ingredient, brand, every bundle we procure is brought to you with thoughtfulness, purpose and value.

The New Avenues Team prioritizes working with some of the most reputable supplier partners in the industry. 


What is in it for you? An opportunity to sell your brand to a very niche and elite class of men and women who serve our nation. It is our mission as an organization and an honor and duty to give back to the very men and women who sacrifice their lives for our freedoms today. We are simply trying to find them better food at a value that many of them cannot purchase on their own base. 

Food can Look Good, Taste Good and even Do Good - Purposeful Eating with Functional Food


Brand Support and Elevation.

Grow quality brands that have uncompromised ingredients, maintain value and create a world
that tastes better. We build "Millenial-Centric" Brands and Category Disruptors. 


A Partnership Designed to Ensure Success! 


Professional Creative Services for Brand Development, Updates and Presence.

Graphic and Packaging Design, Brand Development, Product Photography, Website and Social Media Services.


Nationwide non-profit dedicated to supporting our nation’s military family.

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